Four Beatles Movies…A Good Idea?

The plan is to have four movies about the Beatles, each from the viewpoint of one Beatle at a time.  Only guessing, but the films will probably be named John, Paul, George and Ringo.  The movies are being developed by well-known director Sam Mendez, who is working with the full music rights and approval from all The Beatles’ representatives.  All four movies are expected to be released in 2027.

And now the lead actors have been cast.

No, they won’t look exactly like The Beatles, but they’re all considered good actors.

Normally the announcement of a new Beatle project is exciting, and has me looking forward to its release.  Ever since this one was announced, I’ve been more wondering than excited.

What made The Beatles so special was having John Paul George & Ringo together.  Trying to look at the same important events from four different viewpoints could be amazingly repetitious.  Were their viewpoints so different?  It could also seem exceedingly long since it’s four movies.  Honestly, this seems better suited for a limited series.

The films are not the life stories of the individual Beatles.  They’re only going up to the 1970 breakup of the band when all four members were still in their 20’s.  The breakup also seems like a downer of an ending that we’ll get four times.

The “Here Comes The Sun” view is that Sam Mendez knows what he’s doing.  That each story will be interesting and entertaining, and that the films will become a treasured history of the world’s greatest band.

Here’s hoping younger fans find the films fascinating, and we older fans are still around in 2027 to enjoy them too!

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