Crosby & Nash…Decades of Harmony

David Crosby & Graham Nash loved to blend their voices.

From 1965 into 1968, David Crosby sang harmony and sometimes lead with The Byrds.  During those same years, Graham Nash sang harmony and sometimes lead with The Hollies.  Together, their voices are magic.

When they formed Crosby, Stills & Nash with Stephen Stills in 1968, they took on different roles in the group.  Graham Nash could write memorable melodies.  He wrote five of CSN(&Y)’s nine Top-40 hits…”Marrakesh Express”, “Teach Your Children”, “Our House”, “Just A Song Before I Go”, and “Wasted On The Way”.  His writing was seriously important to the popularity of the group.

David Crosby didn’t write any of their hits.  Instead, he wrote songs of social conscience, or artistic love songs that didn’t fit on the pop music charts… “Guinevere”, “Long Time Gone”, “Deja Vu”, “In My Dreams”, and many more that added depth and beauty to their CSN albums.

After the initial rush of CSN&Y, Graham Nash released his 1971 solo album Songs For Beginners, with…”Chicago”, “Simple Man”, “Sleep Song” and “I Used To Be A King”.

David Crosby’s 1971 album is If I Could Only Remember My Name, with… “Laughing”, “Orleans”, and “Traction In The Rain”.

David Crosby and Graham Nash then worked together on three studio albums that made it into the top-30… Graham Nash David Crosby (1972, #4), Wind On The Water (1975 #6), and Whistling Down The Wire (1976 #26).  Some favorite songs from these albums include:  “Southbound Train”, “The Wall Song”, “Games”, “Immigration Man”, “Where Will I Be?”, “Page 43”, “Taken At All”, “Homeward Through The Haze”, and maybe their best collaboration, “Critical Mass/Wind On The Water”.

They continued to do other CSN(&Y) albums and solo albums.  As in the previous article for Stephen Stills, I’ve tried to summarize their careers with single playlists that are CD length.  It’s a way of better seeing their individual contributions to the group, as well as their solo work.   (clicking on lists enlarges them)

If you love songs with great melodies, harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics, Crosby & Nash deliver!

Although they’re no longer recording together, David Crosby and Graham Nash are still putting out solo albums.  Among their recent ones, Crosby’s Croz (2014) and Nash’s This Path Tonight (2016) are both solid.

David Crosby and Graham Nash have provided over 50 years of some of the best harmony anyone will ever hear.  We’ve been lucky to share in it.

(Please check out the previous article on Stephen Stills)

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