The Beatles…Let It Be Box Set (2021)

A 5-CD plus Blu-ray “Super Deluxe” box set of Let It  Be was released on October 15th, 2021 (vinyl too).

The discs include the new remix of the Let It Be album, the original unreleased 1969 Get Back album, plus songs from sessions and rehearsals.  You can see a hardback book of photos and information is included.  It’s a 100 page book, as compared with the 240 page The Beatles: Get Back book that came out October 12th.  The book in the box set has detailed information on the recordings, and comments from Paul McCartney, Glyn Johns and more, whereas the other book has dialogue from the film.  Both have previously unreleased photos.   The list price for this Super Deluxe set is $139.98.  (The vinyl version is $199.98.)

Here are the track listings from the back of the box (click to enlarge & make clearer):

Each of these playlists is short enough to fit on a vinyl record, so the Super Deluxe vinyl box set is 5-discs too (4 LP’s and an EP).  The list price is $199.98.

A 2-CD Deluxe set (below) contains the new remix, plus a disc of selected highlights from the rest of the box set.  The list price is $24.98.  The remixed album is also available as a single disc or record.

The never-released Get Back album (with no overdubs) that was assembled by Glyn Johns comes with a nice touch.  Both the CD & Vinyl sets include the cover that was planned for that 1969 album.  Here’s a shot of it from my box set.

The Super Deluxe sets also include two discs of recordings from sessions and rehearsals, and a 4-track EP that includes remixes of the “Let It Be” & “Don’t Let Me Down” singles.  The CD set also has a Blu-ray audio disc of the new remix album with 5.1/Dolby Atmos.  

Some fans are disappointed the full rooftop concert isn’t included.  When asked about it, Giles Martin said the rooftop versions are best when watching the film of The Beatles performing them.  The whole concert is in the new film.  Of course the five songs from the rooftop concert are in the box set.  “I’ve Got A Feeling”, “Dig A Pony”, and “One After 909” are the rooftop recordings.  The first rooftop take of “Don’t Let Me Down” is also included.  “Get Back” is made to sound like it’s the rooftop version, with comments from the concert edited onto the beginning and end of the song.  Update:  The entire rooftop performance was released to music streaming services on January 28th, 2022.  The sound quality is excellent.

The front of the box set is very similar to the original Let It Be album cover.  Those pictures are on the book, and are visible through four cutouts in the black cardboard case.

There’s even a vinyl picture disc!  $35.98 ($10 more than the standard vinyl.)

The Let It Be remix hit #1 on the Billboard Album Sales chart, and #5 on the Top 200 Albums chart (which factors in streaming).

Here’s the link to my review of the new box set: 

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