Flying Saucer Stereo

So, my wife and I were watching the “Sherlock” style British mystery show, Endeavour, when this shot of a suspect came on the screen.

I quickly paused it.  What the heck is that in the back?  Because of the close proximity of the record collection, I deduced that it might be a stereo.  The murder suspect was a soccer star in a story set in 1971, and he had an ultra-modern apartment.  I asked my trusty assistant, Google, to check on a “space age stereo”, and here’s one of the pictures that was produced.

It turns out it really is a stereo!  It’s by the Weltron company, and was first manufactured in Japan in 1970.  Here’s a close look at the stereo workings inside the shell.

According to a print ad by Weltron, the “Shape Of Sound” concept includes a BSR record changer, an 8-track tape player, and an AM/FM radio, all in what they called a “flying saucer” design.  It then said…“the Model 2005 Space Odyssey lists for under $300.”  The company was obviously inspired by the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.  

Although there were stereo speakers built into the shell, you could also get cool-looking external speakers for better quality sound.

By 1973, Weltron had a Model 2007 that played & recorded cassettes, and came in an optional yellow case.  You can see the company also had colorful portable radio/tape players.

The clever stereo design includes four round feet so the saucer can “land” on a flat surface, maybe a record cabinet.

The main character on the show is Detective Sergeant Endeavour Morse.  Here he’s trying to decide if his next purchase should be that nifty little TV, or the trend-setting “Space Age” stereo.

Vinyl record albums have made a comeback.  It’s time for an updated “flying saucer” turntable too!

Extra:  So now I’m imagining an updated Weltron stereo wirelessly connected to my HomePods.

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