The Beatles Revolver Remix!

The long awaited remix of Revolver arrives October 28th!

The 5 CD Super Deluxe Box Set is $139.  Disc 1 is the new stereo remix of the original album, discs 2 & 3 are alternate versions, disc 4  is the original mono mix, and disc 5 has the stereo remixes of “Paperback Writer” & “Rain”, along with the mono mixes.  The track listings are below.  There’s also a 100-page hardback book.  Unlike previous box sets, there is no Blue-ray disc included.

The Super Deluxe vinyl box set has all the same songs on four albums and a 7-inch EP for the “Paperback Writer” & “Rain” singles.  The price is $199.98.  The box shows Klaus Voorman’s cover art without the album title.

The track list for the original album.

The track listings for the alternate versions.

(The same tracks are on the vinyl versions.)

Here are the remix versions available as shown on The Beatles’ North American website.

Not pictured is a single CD version for $18.90, but the 2-CD version is only $6 more and includes a CD of selected alternate versions.  Here are the tracks chosen for disc two of that set.

Over the years, Revolver has become the Beatles album most often selected as their best.  Unfortunately, the original mix was unable to do justice to the complex recordings, because only four recording tracks were available for multiple voices and instruments.  The remixed separation of instruments and voices was accomplished using new technology developed by Peter Jackson’s team that worked on the Get Back film.  The remix should breathe new life into all the great songs from this groundbreaking 1966 album. 

Extra news:  Remix producer Giles Martin mentioned he’s also taken a look at Rubber Soul, and he says there are enough extra song takes for a box set.  Unfortunately, it won’t happen quickly, because Giles Martin says he’s tied up with other projects for at least six months.  The original photo for the cover would look good on the front of the box:

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