Aging Rock Stars (How old are they?)

With the recent losses of…David Crosby 81, Christine McVie 79, Jeff Beck 78, the Eagles’ Randy Meisner 77 (died 7/26/2023), Robbie Robertson 80 of The Band (died 8/9/23), Jimmy Buffett 76 (died 9/1/23), and Gary “Dream Weaver” Wright 80 (died 9/4/23).  We’re reminded that the music is running out for many of our favorite artists of the Classic Rock era.  Some of us can certainly identify with their situation.

Here are the current ages (as of January 20th, 2023) of the rest of CSN&Y…Stephen Stills 78 (1/3/45), Graham Nash 80 (2/2/42), and Neil Young 77 (12/12/45).  Crosby’s friend from The Byrds, Roger McGuinn, is 80 (7/13/42).

Christine McVie’s Fleetwood Mac mates are…Mick Fleetwood 75 (6/24/47), Stevie Nicks 74 (5/26/48), John McVie 77 (11/26/45), and Lindsey Buckingham 73 (10/3/49).

The remaining Beatles are both in their 80’s…Ringo Starr 82 (7/7/40), and Paul McCartney 80 (6/18/42).  Both have been very active, with Ringo scheduled for a 2023 tour.  John Lennon was murdered in 1980 at age 40, and George Harrison died of cancer in 2001 at the age of 58.

Eagles singer-songwriter Glenn Frey died in 2016 at the age of 67 and bassist Randy Meisner at the age of 77 in 2023.  The remaining Eagles are all 75…Timothy B. Schmit (10/30/47), Don Henley (7/22/47), and Joe Walsh (11/20/47).

(photos I took at their concerts)

Two of our best solo artists really are 70’s singer-songwriters.  James Taylor and Jackson Browne are both 74, and will turn 75 in 2023.  James Taylor (3/12/48) and Jackson Browne (10/9/48).

Here’s a selection of some of our classic artists listed according to their current ages (as of Jan 20th, 2023).  Each one includes their birth date, so you can track their ages as we move into the future.

81:  Paul Simon (10/13/41), Art Garfunkel (11/5/41), Bob Dylan (8/14/41)

80:  Carole King (2/9/42), Brian Wilson (6/20/42)

79:  Joni Mitchell (11/7/43), Keith Richards (12/18/43), Mick Jagger (7/26/43), Steve Miller (10/5/43), Roger Waters (9/6/43)

78:  Rod Stewart (1/10/45), Ray Davies (6/21/44), Roger Daltry (3/1/44), John Sebastian (3/17/44), Jimmy Page (1/9/44)

77:  Van Morrison (8/31/45), Debbie Harry (7/1/45), John Fogerty (5/28/45), Pete Townshend (5/19/45), Bob Seger (5/6/45), Eric Clapton (3/30/45)

76:  Linda Ronstadt (7/16/46), David Gilmour (3/6/46), Justin Hayward (10/14/46)

75:  Elton John (3/25/47), Jeff Lynne (12/30/47), Carlos Santana (7/20/47)

74:  Robert Plant (8/20/48), Steven Tyler (3/26/48), Cat Stevens (7/21/48)

73:  Bruce Springsteen (9/23/49), Billy Joel (5/9/49), Mark Knopfler (8/12/49), Bonnie Raitt (11/8/49)

We’ve enjoyed an abundance of fantastic music from this generation of musicians, but as Jackson Browne sang…“All good things gotta come to an end.”

Here are some lyrics from a Cat Stevens song that can be applied to the situation.  “And though you want them to last forever, you know they never will.  You know they never will.  And the goodbye makes the journey harder still.”

Hopefully, a good portion of our classic artists’ songs will be enjoyed for many decades to come.

3 Replies to “Aging Rock Stars (How old are they?)”

  1. Thanks for this. I was aware of all but Christine. Of course I have never had the knowledge of the individual artists in the way that you have. May you stay “Forever Young”. Dee

  2. All of my kids listen to what we did in the 80s and 90s even way back in the 60s my mom and dad instilled in me all types of music and I did the same for my kids.

    Editor: That’s great!

  3. You know I’ve been listening to these artists and rock and rollers since I can remember. I’m 55 years old, and I can’t believe how old all these celebrities and rock stars are getting. Gene Simmons of Kiss is 74 years old. My mom gave me my first Kiss record and first record player. I miss her so much.

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