The Beatles’ Breakup…Do You Remember?

It’s in the news that Paul McCartney mentioned in a recent interview that The Beatles broke up after John Lennon told them he was leaving the group.  McCartney had to say that because the interviewer didn’t know the story.

Beatles fans have long known the story, but The Guardian reported McCartney’s “revelation” this way:

I guess “rock history” wasn’t paying attention to all those books that have covered what happened with The Beatles.  TMZ got sucked-in too, and called McCartney’s comments a “bombshell claim”.  Almost every news outlet ran the story as if it was new information.  It’s been known for decades that John announced he was leaving the group (September, 1969), and manager Allen Klein asked the members to not say anything while legal matters were handled.

At that time, Paul McCartney went to Scotland with his family.  It’s well documented he became depressed, because he didn’t know what he would do without The Beatles.  His wife Linda pulled him through, and Paul recorded his McCartney album.  With the release of his album in April of 1970, Paul McCartney revealed that The Beatles were no longer together.

When that happened, John Lennon said he was upset that Paul announced the breakup, since John was the one who actually decided to end the band.  McCartney did have to sue the other Beatles in order to legally finalize things, and all four Beatles sued Klein.

Paul McCartney was quoted as saying he wanted the band to continue.

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