CSN&Y…New Photo Book, Old Photos

The Good news is that there is a new Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young book.  The bad news is that it’s very expensive.  The name is CSN&Y Love The One You’re With.  The release was in June, 2023.

Above is the Collector’s Edition, with the book and a dark red box to hold it.  The book has about 1,000 images by renowned Classic Rock photographer Henry Diltz, who is the author.  The accompanying text includes comments from Diltz and from past interviews with the band members.  I went to the Genesis Publications website to get details.  The pre-order price was about $350 ($850 on another site), and is limited to 1,650 copies.  There was a Deluxe Version which was limited to 350 copies, but that is shown as sold out.  I did find it on a different website priced at $1,750.

The Genesis website provided a lot of samples from the book, and here are some of them (enlarge with a click or touch):

No photographer captured the Classic Rock artists of the West Coast better than Henry Diltz.

Diltz was a fellow musician and a friend to the Laurel Canyon artists.  He was already photographing the members of CSN&Y when they were still with their old groups…The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and The Hollies.  Graham Nash said…“Henry was part of whatever was going on at any moment.  We certainly never thought that this was history as he was shooting us.  We thought, there’s Henry with his camera, and we trusted him.”

Here are some of the iconic CSNY photos by Henry Diltz:

Remember, these were taken before the digital age.  Imagine how many rolls of film Henry Diltz carried around so he wouldn’t miss a shot.  He had to wait to develop the film to even know if the photos were good.

Seriously, only 2,000 books?  That’s not serving much of the fan base for a band that used to play stadiums.  The reality is that these books are made for just a small number of fans who are willing to pay the high price tag.

A news story on the book said… “This marks the first time Diltz’s photos of the band have been presented in a book format.”  That’s not true.

This is my book from 1984.  You can see at the bottom of the cover that this authorized biography has photography by Henry Diltz.  There were a lot of photos that were mostly black & white, but some color pages were included.

By the way, the price of the book was $13.95.  The good part for us is that we’ve enjoyed most of the best of Diltz’s CSN&Y photos through the years on album covers, in articles, and in books.

We’re lucky that Crosby Stills Nash & Young provided so much great music as a band and as solo artists.  We’re also fortunate that Henry Diltz photographed them throughout their careers.

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  1. Is there any possible way that I can still buy a copy of this amazing book. I have all of them my whole life through their beginning works. I would deeply love to share their lives, and works with my children and grandchildren. Is it at all possible to buy a copy of this book?
    Thank you I truly hope to hear back from you!

    Editor: it looks like it’s still available. I saw one that says it’s signed by Stephen, Graham & Henry for $395 at Rozelli Bookstore. It says availability date is February 14, 2024. I suppose it’s best to just explore the internet for what might be available on various sites.

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