The Beatles Get Back on DVD/Blu-ray (Updated)

The complete Get Back movie is going to be released on DVD & Blu-ray on February 8th, 2022.

Before the DVD release, the rooftop concert will have a special showing at IMAX theaters on January 30th, which is the anniversary of the original event.  That’s an hour long film, and the presentation will include comments from Director Peter Jackson, as well as a Q&A by satellite after the showing.  There will also be a regular theatrical showing of this one-hour film for one weekend, February 11th-13th.

The nearly 8-hour 3-part documentary will be included with the February 8th release.  No plan for DVD extras has been mentioned, and there’s no word on when (or if) the original Let It Be movie will be upgraded and released.  It would have been great if the DVD set had included Jackson’s original movie that was to be shown in theaters in August of 2020.

Here’s the artwork used for pre-orders:

The DVD is listed on Amazon as a 3-disc set for $34.99 (lowered to $27.99).  The release date is confirmed as February 8th, 2022.

The Blu-ray listing was on Apple’s official site, and the price is $44.99.  Here’s the information they included for the Blu-ray:

On The Beatles’ North American site, it said both the DVD & Blu-ray sets ship on February 5th.

Based on the run time, it looks like the only “extras” might be the four collectors cards shown with the Blu-ray set.  If any more details become available, this article will be updated.

Here’s the link to my review of the Get Back movie:

Here’s a review of the Let It Be remix box set:

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