Alison Krauss & Robert Plant…Raise The Roof (New Album)

Most artist don’t wait 14 years to follow up a big Grammy winning album, but Alison Krauss and Robert Plant did.

Raise The Roof is being released on November 19th, 2021.  The first single is “Can’t Let Go”, which sounds like a long lost hit by the Everly Brothers.  You may remember that the Everly’s “Gone Gone Gone” was the first hit from their previous album.  Here’s the link to “Can’t Let Go”:

Of course their 2007 album Raising Sand won five Grammy awards, including Album Of The Year.  Once again, T Bone Burnett is the producer, and he used top session players.  Burnett wrote one song with Robert Plant, “High And Lonesome”, and the other eleven songs are by outside writers.  Here’s the track list:

Krauss and Plant are planning a 2022 tour.

Can those two recapture the magic of their first collaboration?  We’ll find out November 19th.

Extra:  For a career-spanning article on Alison Krauss, and exclusive concert photos, here’s the link:

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