Jackson Browne…Best Albums (updated)

The first time I heard about Jackson Browne was from David Crosby.  It was in an interview Crosby did with Rolling Stone magazine.  He talked about this young songwriter he met who was overwhelming other musicians with the quality of his songs.  So, when Jackson Browne’s Saturate Before Using album came out, I bought it right away.  Of course the album was supposed to be simply called Jackson Browne, but the photo of the desert water bag gave it a new title.  Even Jackson Browne refers to it as:

Released in January of 1972, it’s an excellent singer-songwriter album.  The hit was “Doctor My Eyes”, and it included “Rock Me On The Water” and  “Something Fine”, with sublime harmonies by David Crosby.

The song that is probably his best know composition wasn’t included.  Instead, Browne gave it to the songwriter who helped him finish it…Glenn Frey.  The Eagles album premiered a little later that same year with “Take It Easy”.  The ever humble Browne says it was the extended “Eeeeeasy” and other aspects of the Eagles’ arrangement that turned his song into a hit.

Jackson Browne was never a “singles artist”.  It’s always been about his Albums.  For Everyman was next in 1973.  The album included “These Days” (Gregg Allman recorded a popular version of it), and “Take It Easy” also made an appearance.

In 1974 Jackson Browne released Late For The Sky.  It’s probably his best studio album.  There are only eight songs, because they’re fairly long.  Browne says he sometimes has trouble letting go of the writing process.  I remember the review in Rolling Stone called three of the songs “masterpieces”.  “Fountain Of Sorrow”, “For A Dancer”, and “Before The Deluge”.

1977 was the year of The Pretender.  Besides the title song, it included the single “Here Come Those Tears Again”, and standout album cut “Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate”.

All of Jackson Browne’s first four albums are Platinum or multi-Platinum sellers, but his breakthrough to an even larger audience was Running On Empty.  It was an unusual concept.   The songs were new, but instead of using studio versions, they were all recorded live.  (Only Neil Young’s Time Fades Away had used that concept.).  Besides the songs being performed to audiences, one was recorded in a hotel room [“Cocaine (Running All ‘Round My Brain)”] and one even on the tour bus (“Nothing But Time”).   The songs that got the most radio play are “Running On Empty”, “You Love The Thunder”, and the killer ending medley, “The Load Out/Stay”  There’s a real freshness to the album.  It went 7-times Platinum.

Running On Empty was released in December of 1977, and Jackson Browne started the album tour in Omaha in January, 1978.  We were there…my all-time favorite concert.  (Paul McCartney’s 1993 concert in Kansas City is a very close second.)

This was the peak for Jackson Browne.  He had many of LA’s best studio musicians…Lee Sklar on bass, Craig Doerge on piano, Russ Kunkel on Drums, Doug Haywood on guitar, Danny Kortchmar on lead guitar, and David Lindley on lap steel guitar.  The sound at the concert was top notch.  We could hear each player so clearly that we could pick out the individual performances on the various instruments.  Jackson Browne was perfect!  Three encores.

The next album Hold Out (1980) was #1 and double-Platinum.  Lawyers In Love (1983) also went Platinum.  We saw Jackson Browne for the second time, during his Lives In The Balance (1986) tour, when we took our son Paul to his first concert.

World In Motion (1988) was not as popular as his previous albums, but he bounced back nicely with I’m Alive (1993), and we saw him again in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Other studio albums followed…Looking East (1996), The Naked Ride Home (2002), Time The Conqueror (2008), and Standing In The Breach (2014).  He also did a couple of live albums, Solo Acoustic 1 & 2, that highlight his lyrics and musicianship.

Jackson Browne’s Top 5 Albums:

  1. Running On Empty
  2. Late For The Sky
  3. Saturate Before Using
  4. The Pretender
  5. For Everyman 

His double-disc set, The Very Best Of Jackson Browne, covers most of his career, and is a good choice for streaming or collecting.

In 2015 Jackson Browne came to us…Eugene, OR…for an outdoor concert.  Here are some photos.  (Click to enlarge.)   It was a perfect day…as early evening turned into night.

The time has passed when singer-songwriters ruled the music world and toured with the best musicians.  But, it was a packed show, and Jackson Browne still sounded great!

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