Lindsey Buckingham…Heart Surgery

It’s truly been a crazy last ten months for Lindsey Buckingham.  His family said (on February 8th) that the 69-year-old had emergency open heart surgery.  They say the surgery was last week, and he’s now out of the hospital.  Although he appears to be doing fine, they’re concerned the procedure may have damaged his vocal cords.  Time will tell as he continues to recover.

It was last April when Lindsey Buckingham was informed by Fleetwood Mac that they would no longer require his services.  The members of the band said they wanted to tour, and Lindsey wanted them to put it off until the following year.  Instead, Fleetwood Mac added Mike Campbell (lead guitarist of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) and Neil Finn (of Crowded House).  They’ve been out on a successful tour since last fall.

So, Lindsey Buckingham went out on a solo tour that he’d been planning.  Buckingham always called his solo tours “The Small Machine” and Fleetwood Mac “The Big Machine”…only this time both machines were out at the same time.

Since “The Big Machine” creates a lot more money, Lindsey decided to sue Fleetwood Mac.  He claimed it would be 12-to-14 million dollars in lost wages.  That was in October.  Also that month, his Solo Anthology: The Best Of Lindsey Buckingham came out.

During an interview in December, Lindsey Buckingham announced that he and Fleetwood Mac had reached a settlement, but no details have been released.

Because of the health scare, Lindsey Buckingham has cancelled all appearances.  We wish him a speedy & full recovery, and hope he’s over all the trouble.

On social media, Fleetwood Mac said…”Our thoughts and love go out to Lindsey and his entire family.  We are hopeful for a speedy recovery.”

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